Leadership Team

Martin Lutz: Director, PT, Director of Rehabilitation, Business Development and Outreach

Misty Lasher-Brant: Business Operations Manager

Lori Miller: Clinic Support Supervisor, Mountain View Therapy

Dean McCall: PT, Clinical Supervisor, Mountain View Therapy

Susan Brown: RN, Clinical Supervisor Cardiopulmonary Rehab

Becca Cooper: OTR, Clinical Supervisor, Pediatric Clinic

Kevin Graham: PT, Therapy Team Lead, Joint Replacement Center

Leanne Lane: DPT, Clinical Supervisor, Ridgway Clinic



Jacque: RN, Joint Replacement Center, Nurse Team Lead

Jane Kelly: RN, CWOCN, Center for Wellness


Cardiopulmonary Rehab

Natalie Allinson: Center for Wellness

Justin Avila: Center for Wellness

Susan Brown: RN, M.Ed, Supervisor Cardiopulmonary Rehab, Center for Wellness


Occupational Therapy

Kim Chamberlain: OT, Acute Care/ICU, Mountain View Therapy, Acute Rehab Unit

Becca Cooper: OT, Pediatric Clinic, Supervisor

Kay Lisak: MSOT, CHT, Nevada Clinic

Janet McMillon: OT, Pediatric Clinic

Emily Mercer: OT, Mountain View Therapy Clinic, Pediatric Clinic, Acute Care/ICU

Kathe White: OT, CLT, Mountain View Therapy Clinic

Courtney Simmons: COTA, Mountain View Therapy Clinic


Physical Therapy

Scott Baadte: PT, Hawk Park Clinic

Laura Bielak: DPT, PRN/as needed Mountain View Therapy Clinic, Pelvic Health Clinic at the Center for Wellness

Kathleen Bilowith: MSPT, Mountain View Therapy Clinic

Morgan Bugosh: DPT, Mountain View Therapy Clinic, Acute Care/ICU

Manuel Delgado: PT, Mountain View Therapy Clinic

Lori Deltondo: PTA, Wound Care Clinic at the Center for Wellness, Acute Care/ICU

Ellen Erickson: PTA, Mountain View Therapy Clinic, Aquatic Therapy, Pediatric Clinic, Hawk Park Clinic, Acute Care/ICU

Heather Evans: MSPT, Mountain View Therapy Clinic

Allison Gelvin: DPT, Ridgway Clinic

Beth Gibson: PT, Pediatric Clinic and Mountain View Therapy Clinic

Peter Gollogly: PT, CWS, Wound Care Clinic at the Center for Wellness, Acute Care/ICU

Kevin Graham: PT, Joint Replacement Center, Team Lead

Jonathan Goff: DPT, Joint Replacement Center, Acute Rehabilitation Unit 

Danae Hayes: PT, PRN/as needed covering Acute Care/ICU, Acute Rehab Unit

Judy Knight: PT, Hawk Park Clinic

Leann Lane: PT, Ridgway Clinic, Supervisor

Megan Maddy: DPT, Mountain View Therapy Clinic

Doug Maddy: DPT, Mountain View Therapy Clinic

Dean McCall:  PT, Clinical Supervisor, Mountain View Therapy

Dieter Preuschal: PT, Joint Replacement Center, Acute Rehab Unit

Cate Wilson: MSPT, Acute Care/ICU

Kerry Wilson: PT, PRN/as needed

Justin Wilson: MSPT, Mountain View Therapy Clinic

John Cryer: PT, Mountain View Therapy


Speech Therapy

Patti Anderson: SLP, Pediatric Clinic

Sam Corbridge: SLP, PRN/as needed

Leslie Herr: SLP, PRN/as needed

Erin McMahon: SLP, Pediatric Clinic

Sandy York: SLP, PRN/as needed Delta Pediatric Clinic


Ancillary/Office Staff

Lisa Althaus: Class Acts Community Class Instructor

Barbara Bass: Rehab Technician, Cardiopulmonary Rehab

Bobby Brewer: Rehab Technician, Delta Pediatric Clinic

Debbie Berry: Office Coordinator, PRN/as needed

Xavier Casanovas: Rehab Technician, Main Mountain View Therapy Clinic

Amanda Duran: Rehab Technician, Pediatric Clinic & Cardiopulmonary Rehab

Karen Mullen: Rehab Technician, Mountain View Therapy

Hanna Goff: Office Coordinator, Wound Care Clinic & Cardiopulmonary Rehab

Laura Lopez: Office Coordinator/Fluent Spanish Translator, Hand Therapy - Nevada Center

Melissa Morgan: Rehab Technician, Main Mountain View Therapy Clinic

Erin Morrow: Office Coordinator, Main Mountain View Therapy Clinic

Kristi Thaute: Rehab Technician, Wound Care Clinic

Brooke Tullio: Office Coordinator, Pediatric Clinic

Kassidy Meeks: Office Coordinator/Rehab Technician, Ridgway Clinic