Nutrition and Diabetes

Our registered dietitians feel that food is to be enjoyed, yet understand that the food we eat also affects medical conditions, fitness and overall health.

With helpful guidance from our dietitians, individuals learn how to set and meet goals for permanent lifestyle changes.

Registered Dietitians:

  • Have degrees in nutrition, dietetics, public health or a related field     
  • Completed an internship and passed a national examination
  • May hold advanced degrees and additional certifications in specialized areas of practice
  • Encourage advancing the nutritional status of Americans and people around the world
  • Translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living
  • Help individuals make unique, positive lifestyle changes

The dietitians employed at Montrose Memorial Hospital are registered with the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Professional credentials are maintained through evidence based practice and continuing education experiences.

A registered dietitian practices the science of medical nutrition therapy. Based on your nutritional status, condition, illness or injury, a dietitian will work with you to optimize your treatment and aid your recovery. Not all "nutritionists" have the same expertise or training. It is important to check his or her training and credentials.

Call us at 970-240-7170 to learn more.

The goal of inpatient nutrition services is to assist patients who are malnourished or at risk to become malnourished, develop strategies to increase their intake. Meeting your nutritional needs helps to decrease problems with wound healing, incidence of infection and overall health.

This can include:

  • Changes in diet
  • Addition of nutrition supplements or snacks
  • Specialized nutrition support such as a feeding tube or parenteral nutrition. 

Our dietitians provide nutrition counseling to address a variety of medical conditions and diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, renal disease, gastrointestinal problems, and cancer.

This can include:

  • Counseling about your special diet
  • Helping you set goals to improve your health
  • Showing you how to use a glucose monitor 

  • Our outpatient dietitians provide nutrition counseling for people on diets with a wide variety of medical conditions and disease states.

  • During your appointment you will receive individual counseling and specific help with your diet.

Your registered dietitian will:

  • Take your diet history and help you set goals that fit your lifestyle. 
  • Analyze your usual food intake and suggest changes to improve your eating habits. 
  • Provide a personalized diet instruction plan based on the goals we discuss. 
  • Inform your primary physician regarding your nutritional care plan.

Appointments available for: 



Heart disease / high cholesterol

High blood pressure

Nutrition in pregnancy

Weight management ( to gain or lose )

Eating disorders


Pediatric nutrition issues (feeding tubes, weight problems)

Sports nutrition

Bariatric surgery /Lap Band

Celiac disease

Gastrointestional issues (diarrhea, Crohn’s, IBS/IBD)

Renal disease

Enteral and Parenteral Feedings


To schedule an appointment

Contact your physician and ask them to fax us a referral (970) 252-2767.

We will contact you to schedule an appointment. Appointments are available Monday - Friday from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.

Insurance and Medicare

Medicare covers nutrition education for Diabetes and Renal Disease

(Co-pays and deductibles will be applied)

Check with your private insurance to see if Medical Nutrition Therapy will be covered

Two to three nutrition therapy sessions are recommended for optimal results.


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