08 Mar 2016 01:25:24 MST Written by: Administration


Another successful Health Fair goes into the record book, and again, I think about all of the incredible people who make the Blood Draws and Health Fair work. I am very blessed to stand beside these people who work very hard to make the events as efficient and informative as possible. We work hard to review it each year to assess what went well and also what can work better next time. As H.E. Luccock said, “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it,” and this group plays and works incredibly well together to provide this great service.

Starting with the seven days of Early Blood Draws, we thank the phlebotomists, lab techs, nurses and all who work diligently to draw blood. They are skilled, kind, friendly, patient and very good at their craft. We performed almost 3,500 blood draws this year in four different locations-which is approximately 75 more than last year!

The result booklets from the early blood draws are new and beautifully detailed for each individual participant. Helpful hints are given to improve your overall health, in addition to the page at the end to give to your care provider. We’ve received overwhelming positive response regarding the presentation. They may take a bit longer to receive in the mail, but they are definitely worth the wait!

Next, we acknowledge the volunteers who generously donate their time to do “anything they can” to make the symphony sweet. Over 65 other volunteers arrive before 6:00 a.m. each day to register people, cashier, direct, serve food, alphabetize and so much more. Their energy, enthusiasm and substantial gift of time are truly admired and appreciated. Many of them come back every year to help, and we are fortunate each year to have new people call and ask, “How can I help you next year?” The yellow vested Lions club members have helped us at the Fair for over 20 years and we appreciate their assistance and smiling faces.

As I continue to think of the support, we salute the great people at MMH who work to uphold this huge event. Muffins, juice and bananas are ordered and delivered, supplies and equipment are delivered and retrieved, and lots of phone calls and questions are answered. We appreciate everyone who donates their time to staff the informational booths at the Fair, provide health screenings and the physicians who volunteer to provide health screenings, answer questions and share their knowledge. It was also fun to have the CareFlight chopper on display for participants to look at this year. And last but not least, the professional and helpful staff at the Montrose Pavilion. MMH has offered the annual Health Fair for over 25 years and we are thankful to the community, volunteers and staff for its support.

Leann Tobin, Director of Marketing and Public Relations. To learn more, visit

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