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The success of the Volunteer Services 10 Cent Book Sale Fundraiser may surprise you. Since January 2008, this ongoing campaign has raised over $11,000 towards health-related causes in our community, such as a blood gas analyzer and a hydraulic reclining mammography chair. With westerns, autobiographies, children’s books, romance, literature, cookbooks, and everything in between—the  sale of our paperbacks and hardbacks have played a valuable role in promoting our community’s health.

“Our book sale fundraiser has been a great way for us to connect with the community and contribute to an important cause at the same time,” said Dale Dvorak, Director of Volunteer Services.

What’s the recipe for success? It starts with the generous members of our community who donate books and in their own way contribute to the betterment of healthcare here in Montrose. It’s a fundraiser that is empowered by our great staff of generous volunteers who donate their time to assist with book organization & distribution. The success of the campaign is given a boost by the book buyers, who many times are abundantly charitable and pay more than the price of the books they are purchasing.

The campaign is “Win-Win” and serves as another example of how we “Stick Together” with our community. Since our goal here at Montrose Memorial Hospital is to serve your healthcare needs, the funds generated by this campaign go right back into helping you return to great health.

The positive response has been tremendous. People continue to let us know how much they enjoy having this activity in the hospital, and we have many “frequent fliers” who are pleased that the volunteers are providing this service to so many in the community.

If you have used books you no longer need, donations are always welcome. While we don’t accept magazines, practically any used book in good condition would be a delightful contribution towards the health of your neighbors here in our community. To donate, you can bring your books to the Lobby Information Desk or the Gallery Information Desk next to the Gift Shop.

Thank you for helping us help others!

Written by Brad Wiersma. For more information, contact Leann Tobin, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, MMH 240-7344

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